Some ideas for thumbnails in the directory - needs more thought

From the IRC log:

mdavey	just had a wicked cool idea
mdavey	Just updated TikiWIkiBestOf with images from thumbshots: http://open.thumbshots.org/image.pxf?url=http://tiki.org/
mdavey	Then I thought: wouldn't it be cool if the Tiki directory could have images of the links so that the layout
is similar to articles with images
mdavey	- using thumbshots URLs to generate the thumbnails. Of course, it would only work for external sites that are
in dmoz. tw.o and damosoft.co.uk are both there :)
mdavey	thinks it /would/ be cool
mose	thinks the thumbshot idea sounds cool
damian	yeah I think the thumbnail but having to rely on dmoz could be a issue
mdavey	mm. Best to give dirrectory entries an image URL. More flexible - one could alternatively create a directory
section called "External articles" and use the same images as the internal articles use.
mdavey	I'm sure it won't be too long before google offers image snapshots of search results.
mdavey	s/image/page/
damian	it would be better if we could generate them ourselves as relying on third parties causes terrible problems, for
example the current situation with external RSS feeds
damian	if the external site is having trouble, the tiki die's a death also
mdavey	damian doesn't RSS get cached now?
mdavey	perhaps the directory thumbnails could be cached too. They probably don't change that often.
damian	yeah the problem is to get the data into the cache
mdavey	how does the RSS caching work? It would be easy to create an image.php?url=foo script that either serves up the
proper image or an invisible image (or a 1x1 px image) if the image hasn't been cached yet. Once it is cached, it is cached.
damian	the problem is waiting for a timeout from the remote server
mdavey	one could even make sure that dmoz wasn't serving /us/ a blank or 1x1 px image
damian	because you cant background process a get
mdavey	ah
damian	on tikihost.net in the users control panel there are options to do those backgrounds now as a cronjob to prevent
the tiki site from dieing a death
damian	it also handles mail-ins
mdavey	are there issues with running such a thing from the command line?
damian	not everyone can do cronjobs
mdavey	on tikihost.net - does that work by not using unix cron jobs, or is "not everyone can do cronjobs" still an issue
damian	nope the fix was to disable the cache :)
damian	tikihost.net each user can do crons
burley	ok, then that's something I'll be looking into.
damian	and I did some new scripts to stuff the data into the tiki db's
mdavey	so would the way to do this simply be "the same as rss does it"?
damian	rss does it in real time in tikiwiki, if the site your getting the feed from is down, your tiki also hangs
damian	once you have it cached your ok, until the cache expires in x hours
mdavey	...the same way as rss does it on tikihosts.net?
damian	with cronjob gets tiki only displays what is in the db and doesnt do the remote site getting
damian	so if the remote site is down, it doesnt harm your tiki site
damian	yup rss and mailin are all available as cron services

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