• Added blogs to Tiki, users can create blogs, post entries in blogs, find entries, etc.

  • The calendar can be now used to navigate blogs watching the posts for a given day.

  • Added an XMLRPC interface compatible with blogger, users can use desktop applications such as blogbuddy or bloggar to send posts to weblogs.

  • Added a CMS system to Tiki, topics and articles can be edited and published or programmed to be published.

  • Added submissions to Tiki, users can send submissions, admins can approve them and make them articles.

  • Improved the search engine, now you can search in pages, galleries, images, blogs and/or articles, added pagination to the search results page.

  • Added an option to select the home page of the application, it can be the Wiki HomePage, a blog, the articles homepage (listing last n articles) or an Image Gallery.

  • Make the main application menu expandable/collapsable per section.

  • Added banners (Beta version) admins can add banners classified in zones, a banner can be displayed in any template using a simple syntax (including user modules) banners can display HTML code, an image or text (text adds) a page with banner stats accessible by users (clients) is also available.

  • Templates can now be edited from Tiki.

  • Added a dynamic content system, this allo ws to edit blocks that can be included in any template or user module using a simple syntax. Blocks can be programmed for the future and are automatically changed by Tiki. This feature adds a lot of flexibility to the application.

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