The BPBBP started ;-)
("Beat phpBB project")

I've added Bryan's idea of topic-smileys, you can now choose the
"feeling" of your post between some smileys, of course this is optional
and can be configured per-forum.
I've also added the "topic summary" concept, a field summarizing the
topic to be displayed (optionally) below the topic title, this is better
than chopping the first bytes of the topic post with unpredictable
results (usually bad).
I've added some fields to the topic admin screen that are not working
yet but will in some days? Hours? Minutes?
- Outbound address: When filled forum topics/threads will be
forwarded to this address
- Inbound address: When filled Tiki will retrieve emails from
this address and populate the forums. (emails will create topics unless
the subject is re:some topic title) in such a case the email will create

a thread for that topic.
- User information configuration: checkboxes to know what info
to display about users when listing threads (avatar, flag, posts, email,
online status, etc)
I've also added breadcrumbs
And now I'll add next-prev topic buttons when listing threads.

You should send ideas faster :-)




  • Numero Uno amongst priorities: SPEED. Currently Tiki forums are way too slow to make them comparable with even the worst competitors in the field. Compared to the 'best-in-class' vbulletin software Tiki forum perform on average 3-4 times slower! Is this caused by the way Tiki stores forum content in 'comments' rather then having dedicated forum post tables/indexes?
  • view new posts/threads option: since last visit and/or since last x days
  • mark posts/threads read: either for all forums or per forum (counterpart of 'view new posts/threads')
  • option to split threads. Currently we have a merge option but no real split option. The split option should be able to divide a thread into 2 threads with a choice of which posts go to which thread
  • option to move threads with a redirect link and without breaking any external URL to the post/thread
  • option to copy threads within one forum or between different forums.
  • option to email this thread (to a friend/user)'
  • option to view printable of a thread
  • customizable user levels. (http://www.vbulletin.com/manual/usertitles.html). Combine with Tiki's Karma system.
  • show the last post of a forum or thread with a link to it. This is currently just a plain text (no link) on the home page and forum pages.
  • jump/link to last unread post in a thread: when browsing a forum it should be possible to enter a thread by means of a direct link to the last unread post.
  • threaded messages (with option to view flat or threaded)
    • The threading is now being done, using "message_id" and "in_reply_to" columns in tiki_comments, but I haven't done any of the visual output work needed to show the threads visibly in the web view. I'm also unlikely to do this. -rlpowell
  • integration between mailing lists & forums They need to be tightly integrated. Mailing list archival vs forums with post notification system (mail-in post). I see two challenges for Mail-in posts. Dealing with html and organizing proper threading -> Who responded to what? (partly done?)
  • When enabling "watch" on a forum, to have it email not just new threads, but new posts to existing threads
  • Watch email message subjects containing "FORUM - Message subject"; and the subject of the watch message containing the content of the post, as well as a link to the thread the post came from. (link included in 1.9.x, but not yet on the stable 1.8.x version ; see below bug reports]).
  • option to watch for specific word. Email of any new thread containing the word X. Come to think of it, this could be a neat feature for all of Tiki features (namely wiki pages, FAQ & articles). Think of it as a cron search!!
  • option for ignore list: allows forum members to ignore posts made by other users.
  • moderation queue: in moderated forums all unapproved messages can be viewed by the moderator and approved or deleted on the spot. (done)
  • thread (un)locking by administrators & moderators. (done)
  • the ability to properly administer __sections_ (categories/groups) for forums. Currently is possible to create new sections but there seems to be no way of renaming and/or deleting them.
  • make the new posts/messages view in the thread listing more consistent. Currently all completely new threads/topic are displayed in bold but this is not the case for any existing threads with new replies. It would much more sense to have all thread/topics with new posts/messages displayed in bolded text and with a distinct topic icon.
  • predefined user signatures and the option to add this signature to a post or not. The signature should be preference in the MyTiki section.
  • {SF(aid=>806218,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • {SF(aid=>806791,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • {SF(aid=>816042,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • {SF(aid=>816051,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • {SF(aid=>791717,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • {SF(aid=>791719,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • {SF(aid=>795106,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • {SF(aid=>802754,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • {SF(aid=>924539,tag=>rfe)}{SF}


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