How to deal with spam

Let's face it, these spams are viral and intelligent.

Spam filters for mail-list

The problem of having Tiki send unsolicited e-mail along with articles (/tiki-view_articles.php) being sent is growing. If you observe that this issue is growing, that you keep removing spams manualy and that now it does not suffice, there are options here bellow.

Once the damage is done, that you can't do a "rollback", how can one person who administers a Tiki site keep an eye on intrusions? When the virus are metamorphosing and that you can't recognise the pattern anymore or at least find the source of the problem, there are options to automatically eliminate unwanted creation of spambots.

Tell a friend

The option "Tell a friend" (tiki-tell_a_friend.php) on one of your Tiki sends emails using your server?

Here are some consequences if you don't take care of it seriously

  • Big damage IP banned in numerous place including gmail… :-(
  • Memory overload at /phpinfo.php (a quick way to fix it is to increase your memory limit to: "memory_limit=256M"


It is not true to beleive that spammers who input emails by hand are not very dangerous. Mostly, spammers automate spamming processes in a big way. So preventing more than one to five emails will help legitimate users and at the same time it will not stop spammers.

Example of what is being done on this site

The first step you can do is to block the entry to unsolicitated registrations

  1. Go to User information to see all the mess. Ex.: https://tiki.org/tiki-user_information.php?userId=23467
  2. Rollback to previous version
  3. Delete their version (we don't want any trace of them so do this instead of just removing their spam)
  4. Delete/ban the user account

Wish list

  • To include a UI button on the new AdminUI
  • To have proper documentation on the subject
  • Have an image replacing urls
    • Like this example: myemailaddressNo image specified. One of the following parameters must be set: fileId, randomGalleryId, fgalId, attId, id, or src.

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