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Who is working here generally? Link UserPage.

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Competition and standards

List of other products with similar/interesting/related features.

Here I would like to see some "editorial" content. How do our features compare to others?

CVS Doc section

This is where new features being developed and only in CVS are documented. When the CVS becomes RC/official release, the info in the CVS docs is transferred to update the official docs (FeatureXDoc).

New feature added in CVS for 1.8.3 and later versions

In response to a user request, it is now possible to have parts of an HTML page parsed as wiki text. This is primarily so that wiki modules can be inserted in HTML pages with for example
.. but any wiki text can be inserted between <wiki>...</wiki> tags and it will be parsed.
djnz aka One Of Many 16 April 2004


Where ideas can be exchanged, debated, etc. Interested people can subscribe to the wiki page and/or to these forums as they would a mailing list.

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