Check out http://graphviz.org/pub/graphviz/ for the latest releases. http://graphviz.org/ provides a long list of apps that may be useful for tiki as well... scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how others are using graph viz.

Just install GraphViz (Unix/Windows). If you use Windows, copy GraphViz binary files (dot.exe, neato.exe, etc) from the GraphViz bin folder to the windows\system32 or equivalent folder (No value assigned/system32). It's not the same to put the exe's in the path, they must be in a Windows system directory.

With my RH9 I ran
rpm -ivh graphviz-1.9-fr0.rh73.1.i386.rpm

and then popped in a GraphViz plugin
and everything went very smoothly!

GraphViz with Wikigraph plugin (in mods.tw.o) works well still with Tiki 3 LTS, but not with Tiki 6 LTS.

Troubleshooting install

If you get the errors below, you don't have GraphViz installed correctly. Check your install and your ISP to see if it is installed.

  • Clarification: GraphViz needs to be configured, compiled, and installed as root on the server to work correctly. If you host with an ISP, contact your ISP to have GraphViz installed, or look at the GraphViz documentation to see how to install it in a local directory (and you will probably then need to edit your path variable).

  • New RFE check GraphViz installation before throwing errors.

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