Tikiwiki has a very robust (if rather confusing) user/group permission system. It is pretty easy to use and fairly powerful. This enables a highly customized heirchy of users from anonymous to admin who have differing levels of access to the hundreds of features and actions available in tikiwiki.

What Tikiwiki does not yet provide is an equally powerful and flexible system to apply permissions to objects and categories.

One way to think of it is that tikiwiki now provides vertical permission management, and many developers would like to see horizontal permissionions management - which would add the capacity for "private rooms" in a wiki etc.


Some people are suggesting using phpGACL. During a long IRC chat session, luis concluded:
I guess that a good way to start is to forget about phpGACL and think what our ideal permission system for Tiki would look like in terms of functionality and interface. Then we can analyze if that can be implemented using phpGACL and how.

Whole IRC discussion on 2003/10/01


We are considering these improvements for a near future


(humaneasy) suggested looking at http://sourceforge.net/projects/auth/ or http://phpgacl.sourceforge.net
Another project that worth looking as alternative implementation is Tackle (suggested by dheltzel)



Circular group issue due parent is a child


secured extranet by groups and individuals
Permissions: Add/modify "Level" combo box (priority 3)
Permission : "Level" combo box for group perms sorting (priority 3)
User-level permissions Wants more complex relations between groups (and users)
Ability to auto-set/inherit permissions for a whole category
each user can spread his permissions (this changes the definition of tiki_p_admin : all users can assign to other users the rights and groups they have/are in) Chealer9

Those trackers can be easily solved by using phpGACL and adding the spread-permissions feature above. Chealer9
Blog : More than one owner
User-level permissions
Image gallery owner on Help forum

Competition and standards


some numbers: we have ~ 2000 permission checks in tiki, ~900 of them inside tpl files. ohertel

ConsistentPermissionSystemNomenclatureDev with overall system.

Some ideas from gmuslera


Some Ideas from coofercat (use Entitlements!)


Description of the permission system for developers:


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