Tiki 1.8.0 Polaris is available since 2004-02-07.

redflo was the coordinator of this release.

Some links for more information about this release

Bugs fixed

  • fixed a bug where lastLogin wasn't updated when using Pear::Auth (LDAP) and no passwords are in Tiki DB (aneuhaus)
  • structures creation fixed (mose)
  • fixed Forums - queued and reported messages broken (OneOfMany)
  • fixed tiki-user_bookmarks was missing a semicolon (jpf)
  • color in linkbut on tceti theme changed so its readable (dgd)
  • changed potentially dangerous defaults (link caching)
  • added option whether mail address should be checked at registration (may not work on windows or may not work at all, so default is off). This option was before hidden in the "system_os" setting.
  • fixed missing end quotes backported from 1.9 Damian
  • Error messages in RSS feeds are now readable in RSS readers
  • fixed the jspop issue in Image Galleries - identified by bnuz, commit by damian
  • fixed the calendar to show the right weekdays applying the CalendarBug2004 fix by rpg - gmuslera


  • added the tikiticket anti-CSRF system mose + Damian - more details on TikiSecurity
  • added tiki-admin_system page for cache and compile operations (mose, flo)
  • enabled fulltext search (flo)
  • added error_ticket templates for the metal themes and fixed error.tpls Damian + Colorado
  • added check if cookies are switched on on browsers (if session is handled via cookies) at logon time (flo)

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