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Release 1.8rc2

Bugs fixed

  • fixed pagination in forums
  • fixed computation of number of queries
  • Avatar image now display correctly when viewing articles/submissions
  • Fixed temp files in multiple places to be more sensible about filenames
  • Fixed bug that caused all subscriptions to a newsletter to be deleted if a new address was added.
  • Fixed bug that caused changes to admin settings sometimes require a page reload to appear (e.g.: site wide theme change) (gongo)
  • Renamed the spanish language folder from sp to es (gmuslera)
  • Plugin SF failed. One or more of the following parameters are missing: groupid, trackerid or itemid. (Chealer9)
  • fixed rankings for authors in wiki and cms
  • fixed smileys not displayed in chat
  • removed all unused duplicate templates from styles
  • removed all hardcoded path from smarty display method so it will never complain about lacking tiki.tpl anymore


  • Modules for anonymous-only can now be hidden for registered users
  • total rewrite of the search engine with reverse index powers the search a lot ! uses highlighting feature.
  • made possible for comments to rate articles
  • all links that were displayed with link now use linkbut css style for a more homogen navigation
  • Enhanced user menus so that the menu items only show if a feature/permission/group is on. Added new application menu as sample (mose)
  • Trackers are now faster if you have a large number of registred users (redflo)
  • New mail-in method: PREPEND — opposite to APPEND (zaufi)
  • Czech translation (luci)
  • Italian translation (magius)
  • SPLIT wiki plugin now have two parameters: fixedsize and joincols. Also it can split text by rows (use @@@ as rows delimiter). (zaufi)
  • The select list of countries in User Preferences is translantable now and sorted alphabetically by translated strings (using {sortlinks} function) (luci)
  • All modules with numbers at left side (like last_...smth and top_...smth) now have nonums parameter which is inhibit numbers output (so freed space can be used by smth more useful that well known numbers (it is well known bcouse admin have to set it in module configuration :-) (zaufi)
  • Articles and submissions can now be edited by the creator, even if they do not have the "p_edit" permission. Submissions can always be edited by their creator, but once approved as articles, it depends on the setting in the article types table, this defaults to not allowing edits (pre 1.8 behavior) (dheltzel)
  • An alternative module-switch_lang2 (markusvk)
  • Wiki Structures provide more flexible relationships to wiki pages.(chris.holman)
  • Shoutbox enhanced to auto-replace URLs starting with 'http(s)|ftp(s)' to active links and URLs starting with 'www' string. URLs longer than 30 chars are replaced with '<a href="some_long_url">[Link]</a>' to prevent breaking the Tiki layout with long strings in some browsers. It's made optional. (luci, mose)
  • Partly introduced customizable Quicktags (mose)

New features

  • TikiIntegrator (zaufi)
  • Register Your Tiki Site (see RegisterTikiSite )
  • new search engine with background collecting of searchwords. This search engine is database independent. Use the "new_search" module to be able to use the new search engine (redflo)
  • added tikibot, the irc extension of tikiwiki, that uses third party modules : wollabot and smartirc
  • added an admin panel for custimisation of quicktags those like icons in edit page that insert text with javascript
  • WebHelp generation from Tiki structures, you can dump a structure to generate a webhelp static version with search capabilities that can be distributed as a standalone version of the selected tiki pages.
  • Added 2 prefs cookie_domain and cookie_path for remember me cookie
  • A new style was added: bluemetal. Very nice, check it out!

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