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Many times the shout box feature is qualified as the best feature of a site, other times users say it's just junk. Be your judge, test it do whatever you want with it, here it is: the Tiki shout box.

What is the shout box?

Basically the shout box is a mixture between a graffitti wall and a chatroom, is like a chatroom where messages are refreshed only reloading the page. Basically users can send messages to the shout box and the last "n" messages are displayed. That's all, pretty simple.

In Tiki you have a two-way shout box, you can use the shout box screen and you can also use the shout box module.

The shout box screen

The shout box screen can be used to enter messages display the last "n" messages and if you have the permission edit or remove existing messages, the shout box screen is the following one:

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The shout box module

The shout box module is more interesting because it can be used as a normal module following the user across all the site sections. The shout box module is similar to the following:

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Optional parameters

  • tooltip=1 - displays the time of a post in html tooltip (title attribute) instead in the content of shoutbox

Users can send messages, see the last "n" messages ("n" is here the number of rows for the shout box module) and if you have the permission you can remove messages or edit existing messages (will take you to the shout box screen).


The following permissions can be used to control the shout box:


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