A graphics-intensive grayscale and red theme, known informally as the "degauss" theme.


StylesKuro is a work in progress. It is not currently available on tw.o, but is available from the mods section of CVS.

  • The CVS version is a very early snapshot that has had virtually no testing.
  • There are major known problems with layout on most browsers (firefox/mozilla is currently best)
  • The theme is most complete for standard wiki pages - stray into admin or other CMS eatures and you will experience some interesting colour combinations!


A mash-up of a number of existing styles to demonstrate heavy styles. The overall look & feel approximates http://revogear.com/ (which isn't currently a Tiki site).


The Kuro theme requires content-negotiation for images to be switched on, on the web server. Recent versions of Apache (such as 1.3.33) have this switched on by default. For older versions, you can switch it on by adding "+MultiViews" to your Options line in apache.conf (or httpd.conf for older versions of Apache):

Options +MultiViews

You can wrap this in the appropriate Directory tag, to just affect Tiki fi you wish:

<Directory /var/www/localhost/htdocs/tikiwiki> Options +MultiViews </Directory>

Or put the configuration in the .htaccess file inside your tikiwiki directory if you wish.

For other webservers, you'll need to find the equivalent way to turn on the feature. Some will take the config from a .htaccess file.

  • simplified from classicblue, which itself is based on the bluemetal and codex (book) layouts. Heavy use of templates.
  • centre section based on tikineat
  • dynamic menu layout from damian.css and inspired by damosoft.co.uk
  • other layout elements inspired by akwa, subsilver and dokuwiki

  • some inspired by classiclblue / bluemetal and some inspired from revogear.com Created from scratch in Gimp
  • dynamic menu graphics inspired by damosoft.co.uk. Created from scratch in Gimp
  • title bars inspired from subsilver. Created from scratch in Gimp
  • Tiki branded graphics can be found in the buttons gallery, the other tags will be appearing on http://mods.tiki.org in due course.

License issues
  • don't have our own copy of some of the tag graphics - they are currently linked from public sites ( <img src="http://public.com/..."> )
  • the masthead graphic must be replaced before release (resolved)
  • the footer text must be changed before release (resolved)
  • the footer graphics must be deleted before release (resolved)


I will not be converting the forums, calendar, image galleries, maps or surveys sections to the Kuro theme as the target site will not be using these features. I am looking for volunteers who would like the responsibility of applying the Kuro theme to those sections.

  • clean up css
  • fix indentation
  • fix IE display problems
  • test features (login combos, display with head/left/right/footer on/off, etc)
  • fix license issues
  • create a Tiki masthead (volunteers please)
  • look into 1.9 site identity feature with respect to themes

Get the CVS version

2 methods to connect

Anonymous access
export CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/tikiwiki" cvs login #type enter
Developer Account
export CVS_RSH=ssh export CVSROOT=":ext:my_sf_login@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/tikiwiki"

cvs -z3 co _mods/templates/kuro cp -rp _mods/templates/kuro/* $TIKI/


Feel free to add to this document, post comments or send me/us private messages.

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