There are several ways of trying Tiki CMS/Groupware on a CD which contains everything you need to boot your computer from CD, and let you go directly to using your own installation of Tiki.

The most updated one is "Slax Tiki Live CD" (see below), which can also be converted to an UsbTiki, if desired. There is also KnoppixTiki, even if it is much more outdated.

Slax-Tiki Live CD

A new version 0.3 including Tiki 1.9.11 and Tiki 1.10svn (May 20th, 2008) preinstalled is here. Some snapshots will be downloadable from there, and feedback is welcome:

Still todo:

  • Add link from tw installs to see the included videos and screencasts in the live CD

v0.3j (May 23rd, 2008)

  • Tiki 1.9.11 and 1.10beta (May 20th, 2008) up and running
  • feb12.css theme fixed! (great work, Gary!)
  • new wallpaper added (thanks Luci!)
  • some TikiMovies and Screencasts from several sources added to the "Home > Extra > Videos" folder
  • some more documentation manuals added in other languages, under "Home > Extra > docs_in_other_languages" folder
  • Known issues:
    • Still big fat live CD, which will be reduced some tenths of Mb (at least) with some care later on merging modules by hand

v0.3f (April 2008)

  • Tiki 1.9.11 and 1.10beta (April 2008) are up and running
  • Known issues:
    • new theme feb12.css is not showing properly
    • error in url to moviments.net/cursos (htt://.. instead of http://...) on both 1.9.11 and 1.10 db


The first one was KnoppixTiki, but until somebody updates it, it's not recommended because it contains an old copy of Tiki (dated from 13. November 2004).

For more information, see KnoppixTiki

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