It is possible to install and run minimal Tikiwiki using SQLite db backend with current CVS BRANCH-1-9.
Here are my observations and results.


Try it out

There's just little trick to install Tiki using SQLite database:

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Run tiki-install.php, choose SQLite db type in the dropdown and

  1. Instead of the host you fill the path to your SQLite db file (must be apache writable directory (!)
  2. Instead of the user and password you fill blah blah and dbname can be any foo


Tested with SQLite v. 2.8.17, PHP 4.4.4 and Tiki 1.9.7 (CVS)

Unfortunately Tiki doesn't seem to work with SQLite3 (which is bundled with PHP 5), because there's no SQLite3 support via ADOdb drivers yet ! It already fails on every try for $dbTiki->Connect() cry. For more info see this or this thread.

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