Very much a work in progress. I don't know how to do this yet and am trying to figure it out.

OK, we want to create Feature documentation with consistent looking format including the following items:

  • A summary/general information about the featureX.
  • It includes the marketing hype, list of sub-features, etc
  • "Related Links" to appropriate page (related features)
  • All information which doesn't fit in Doc or Dev
  • typical uses for featureX
  • examples / case studies
  • Hard Coded Link to all (open or closed) "featureX" bugs (SF trackers) for latest stable version
  • Hard Coded to all (open or closed) "featureX" support requests (SF trackers) for latest stable version Example: I can check right away if there are any known bugs in forums for Tiki 1.6.1 (if they are solved, I can find out in which version).

How do we go about doing this? Do content templates use Smarty or are they just starting points with Wiki tags already set up? Can you (effectively) apply a content template to an already created Wiki page?

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