I was the release manager for the 1.7.5 bugfix version Please see ReleaseProcess175 for more details. I am also a Tikiwiki Project admin.
Recently I have released the 1.7.6 version ReleaseProcess176 and looking at getting those final bugs fixed for 1.8.1 ReleaseProcess181

Things Completed

  • Meta tag admin screens
  • Made a babybot from TikiBot to hang around in #damosoft although babybot has the same annoying behavour problems as TikiBot in that they both disconnect and reconnect as they feel like it.
    Installation for www.damosoft.co.uk tiki integration was simple enough, although the bot modules had to be customised.
    babybot uses !D where as TikiBot uses !T, so they could exist on the same channel if needed.
    really the ! wants changing otherwise you will get 2 replys with !php etc
    The behaviour pattern needs to be corrected before I could leave babybot alone
  • Added Horizontal menu support into Tikiwiki from phplayers, thanks to mose for the initial vertical and tree integration!
    Alot more work can be done in this area, especially for colour changes of themes, nested submenus, change of the submenu template files (ihtml files)
    you need to have the phplayers menu style classes in your themes CSS file.
  • Backported phplayers menu to 1.7.5 codebase
    anyone want this? I can put into CVS biggrin

Things Im doing

  • BlogDev
  • AccountsModuleDev for Tikiwiki
  • JukeboxDev and Jukebox for Tikiwiki 1.9
  • DamoECard system into Tikiwiki too?
  • Get some integrated online ordering (shop) into Tikiwiki
  • TikiProjects
  • Planning Tikiwiki 2
  • DamiansCoreDev
  • ReleaseProcess110

Things on my mind...

Track down a voice gateway to tiki (Voice Browser) that can be run from a normal phone line. This would have so many uses for Tikiwiki, such as a Telephone Information Line. There is a project on SourceForge but it requires a ISDN line. I would need this gateway interface to work with a normal analogue telephone line.

PDA Browsing

  • PDA browsing, I have a Compaq iPaq 3870, but now I have a integrated mobile phone and PDA known as the XDA which runs the same ))PocketPC(( software as the iPaq but with telephony options. This brings me to, making Tiki more browsable on such a device. Under a GPRS connection, you are charged per Kb, so really we only want to see necessary details, really a theme less layout and certainly not the left and right columns on each page. The HAWHAW interface personally i think it more WAP Phone interface, the PocketPC system is capable of much more. I need to poke around with HAWHAW or maybe even better design a PocketPC theme!

  • For those that want to know I use Fedora Linux on my workstation, and Windows XP on a laptop for Visual C++ and Visual Basic work. I am successfully using tsclient on fedora to logon and control my Windows XP running on the laptop razz
  • A very useful Quick Reference Card for the CVS system is available at refcards.com
  • Im using BitchX for IRC communications now, so that I can reconnect from any location!
  • Attached is a photo taken with a Nokia 3650 of my monitor setup
    This photo was then Bluetoothed from the phone to my Fedora installation using a USB Mitsumi Bluetooth module. Who says you cant do everything in Linux wink

arrow Enjoy YOUR Tiki! wink

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