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CucumberSandwiches.org for clergy husbands.

HolyTrinitySchool.org.uk - now with added sIFR 2.0 generated font replacement


Get pretty headers like this

  • Download sIFR
  • Find a font that's been squished down to to a .swf
  • Stick this into sIFR-config.js
var htfont = {src: 'fontNAME.swf'}; sIFR.activate(htfont); sIFR.replace(htfont, {selector: 'h1'});
  • Do change fontNAME to the name of your font. And twiddle with it if you wish to replace more than just h1's
  • ftp up sIFR, sIFR-config and your font to public_html or your tiki root
  • Add this to your footer.tpl (opening "<" removed from lines to let me post it. Do stick them back)
script src="sifr.js" type="text/javascript"> script src="sifr-config.js" type="text/javascript">

Ta-Da; I hope.

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