at present I develop the concept for a regional computer online-shop in Neuss / NRW / Germany. Tikiwiki is the right tool, because the store has a computer-emergency-service where people can find help in case of pc-difficulties. So the community is growing.

I would like to write something about wiki plugins. I only have experience in PHP-programming, webdesign and CMS-intranet-conceptions. I see wiki and smarty the first time.

Please see what I would like to do next.


What I would like to do next

There is sometimes the need to have single web pages which are made of several parts with identical design. Lets think about a product page of a company where a lot of products are described. Every product has the same design-formular.

Between the product groups are the descriptions of these groups. These descriptions have another design-formular but all descriptions of the groups have the same.

In addition editors without web-skills maintain the pages.

How can I realize this task by TikiWiki?

I define a wiki structure in which one of the main category is for example "products". The categories of the next lower level describe the types of design I use on the site. The next lower level of categories has all single elements (the single products) of each group.

What is the editor's job to make this possible?

The editor gets a new product to add to the "product" page. He goes to topic "products" looks in the right category for the right design-formular, copies this and uses it for the description of his new product in his new wiki.

How do these parts come together?

The wiki representing the top category (the "products" page) has a wiki plugin which referes to a DB-query, a PHP-function which shows the content of every wiki representing a product-group-description and for every group the fitting product-descriptions. Because of the DB-table "tiki_structures" the type of every wiki is obvious. Also the order of displaying the content is defined by this structure.

What could be better?

See the red sentence above . This is not the short way we want to design parts of the content. In Tikiwiki 1.7.3 I didn't find a possibility to open a select-box for templates (made in "Admin templates"??). In "Admin templates" I only have the option "use in HTML pages". How can I assign a wiki to a already existing template? Here on Tikiwiki 1.8.0 You have it. Is this a feature of 1.8.0 only or can I get it on 1.7.3 too?

How do I bring PHP functions to wiki?

I tried the following:

please do it in the center!

{CENTERX()}please do it in the center!{CENTERX}

The first plugin is the distributed CENTER plugin. It works fine (so you can not see the syntax). "please do it in the center!" is centered. The second plugin CENTERX doesn't work. It doesn't come from the TikiWiki-distribution. But the file (wikiplugin_centerx.php) is identical to the file of the CENTER plugin (wikiplugin_center.php) except the "x" in its name. Both files are in the wiki-plugins directory. Of course all the functions of wikiplugin_centerx.php have the right names "... wikiplugin_centerx ...". How can I make wikiplugin_centerx.php running?

My first idea

This is my first idea how to maintain complex pages in Tikiwiki editors without web-skills can easily edit. Do you have a better one? Please drop me a line.

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