Using Tikiwiki 1.8.3 internally for game development and communication. Team totally digs it. Been using it since April 2004. The team edits a lot of rather large pages and documents online.

Big wishlist items from the folks at Surreal:

  • Add a "save and continue editing" button - it sucks to lose work, and it is annoying to have to re-edit the page to continue editing. To avoid cluttering up the history, it can pretend the "minor" checkbox was checked. Ideally, the cursor position would stay the same, as would the size of the edit window and where the page scrollbars were at.
  • Option to disable side modules when editing a Wiki page. Prevents accidental clicks that cause loss of work and expands the editing area.
  • In the Post Comment page, move the "Smileys" line to just above the "title" line. It's nice to just tab from the title line to the comment text box, but the smileys require you to tab 20+ times...

Other bugs/minor features:

  • Categories: select parent menu needs full category path in list, like "Feature::Interface::Button"
  • Fix Wiki editing bug: if a second Wiki page is open, during submission of a page edit, you get seasurfing warning, upon button click, causes \' and \" replacement.
  • Image Gallery: multiple file upload feature.
  • Forums: upload image on post feature.
  • Wiki-To-PDF: does not handle special Microsoft Word ' and " characters.
  • Wiki-To-PDF: doesn't handle   symbol.

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