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General Description

User preferences let the user select all the user-level preferences for the site: personal avatar, time zone, theme, language, etc.

Key Function and sub-features

If enabled from the admin menu you will see a link to user Preferences in the main menu, the user preferences page is a page for registered users (users with a valid login and password already logged in the system) where they can set up several preferences about the site and where they can see some stats and quick links to pages, blogs or galleries they have created.

The user preferences will display a screen where the user can change his email, the theme, his real name, home page and it has a link to the user personal wiki page as well as a link to edit the page.

This screen can be used to set up different themes for users. Basically all the preferences that can be set at the user level can be found in this screen. The pick user avatar link can be used to let the user select his avatar.

In this screen the user can also configure the user messages settings, the user tasks settings and what will be displayed in the MyTiki screen.

Personal Information

How do we set up the lat and longitude info? See tiki map for more info there.


General Preferences


Other Preferences


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Wikipedia is a great model for many functionalities.


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