i18n Team

 About internationalization (i18n)
i18n Team is everything related to language strings, translations and localizations (l10n) and increase the number of languages in Tiki.

Release responsibilities

  1. Remove any out of sync English strings
  2. Get in contact with all past translators and coordinate updates
  3. Upstream/merge/resolve potential conflicts of translations in stable branch to trunk
  4. Help translators prioritize most important information to translate. Ex.: Promo Sheet.




Translation homepages
The below pages are dedicated to Tiki translations of various languages. You speak one of them? Join the i18n team and help us to keep your language up-to-date!

Inactive members
Inactive members Carmine IACIOFANO, bds, CriaCAC, Cyril Gallant, Haowei Lee, dearjulian, kevinyuan, macnific, Pascal Fares, rentoulis, sreerag.pillai, and Teilo are invited to reactivate membership at any time.