I'm a graduate student interested in information technology with a focus on the humanities.

General interests:

  • PHP
  • Content Management systems
  • E-learning
  • Ethics within a digital culture

Other Interests (not as fully developed)

  • Xml
  • Rss
  • Soap

I am totally new to the whole wiki world, and was introduced to the “idea??? it whilst taking a graduate course in technology and pedagogy. I was interesting in finding a wiki coded with PHP and I found Tiki!

I am interested in setting up a Tiki for my department (Humanistic Informatics) at Bergen University. As part of my master thesis (empirical bit) I will try to engage the students to online debate about ethical issues and encourage interest in their courses. I will be looking at the level of engagement and question the democratic process (and democratic theory). In first part of my theoretical side, I plan to compare different learning systems, evaluate what is required for my needs and then adapt Tiki accordingly.

This is where my interest in the “mother??? Tiki comes in.

I am interested in helping out with the evaluation and comparing of Tiki with other applications.

I have a study related blog, jottings - at the moment I use mt, I am waiting for our server administrator to sort out pear support - then I will be using TIKI

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