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test Video_2012-01-17_latest_8x_cant_make_drawing_from_plugin.wmv admin test
Time cloud of Tiki commits from 2002 to 2012 2002-2012 Tiki commits time cloud admin@tiki.org commits stats
Table Builder in Tiki 6.x admin@tiki.org table 6x
Issue with {draw} on http://trunkdoc.tiki.org/Draw Issue with {draw} on 9.x admin@tiki.org draw bug
jcapture demo of taking a screenshot admin jcapture
jcapture offers to install JRE6 admin jcapture
test admin test
Test Again admin
Tiki Jingle, useful as an intro to videos Tiki Jingle admin jingle
Philippe Cloutier talks about improvements in Tiki Philippe Cloutier about improvements admin@tiki.org chealer interview
Interview by Daniel Gauthier How to get help with Gay Cunningham-Lee admin@tiki.org
Tiki 9th birthday admin@tiki.org birthday cake
A short clip showing off BigBlueButton TikiFest New York presentation admin@tiki.org bigbluebutton tikifest nyc
A short demo of the theme generator Video_2012-01-30_theme_generator admin@tiki.org theme demo