Chompbot, a specific kind of chumpbot, saves URLs mentioned on an IRC channel to a specific repository at To save the URL, you must tell the bot about the URL.

Our chompbot goes by the name of tchmp and when you tell it to save URLs, they go into chomp_tikiwiki. That is the repository for any URL that you capture from a chat on #tikiwiki.

You may encounter other bots besides tchmp when ConnectingToIRC, e.g., TikiBot, Soupy, tikibob and H0neyBot


<botname> <url> #<title>


tchmp #Powerful CMS / Groupware


  • chompbot automatically adds posted by <nick> in the extended comments
  • l.m.orchard developed chompbot, a Perl-based IRC bot available at decafbad
  • All saved URLs also appear on the main page at when posted to chomp_tikiwiki.
  • chompbot provides an alternative to retrieval of URLs from a review of our IRC Logs