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User Documentation

Email notifications can be used to notify some email addresses when an event occurs in a Tiki site, you have to be admin to edit email notifications.

Enter the email notifications screen following the "email notifications link" from the admin section of the application menu.

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You can enter as many addresses as you want for a specific event and remove addresses that you don't want to be notified.

Note that to send an email when a wiki page changes you have to configure the email address from the page permissions screen. The email notifications screen is for global events in Tiki not for events related to a individual Tiki object

Editing mail messages

So you want to customize the mail that tiki sends when some event occurs, you can do this by simply editing a template from the edit-templates screen or using a regular text editor.

Tiki mail messages are stored as templates at templates/mail

You will see how the email is constructed at the template and you can edit the text and the formatting as you need. The whole mail message is 100% configurable.