Outdated page

This page was written a long time ago and you will find many incoherences. One could still refer to it to check what has to be done to help Tiki newbies.

Old content

Keep an eye on the big picture

Check the philosophy and guidelines under InstallTikiDev when you contribute. If you find a contradiction, one of the following applies:

  • the guidelines stink - change them!
  • there is something you could consider in your contribution

To do for InstallTiki:

  • For 1.7:
    • Keep an eye on install problems. InstallTikiHelp lists the places where they show up. Help by directly answering Mails and Forum posts. Even more important, contribute any solution to InstallTikiDoc or TikiWikiInstallationTroubleshooting. Dave Sanders just created a category "Installation" for Bugs/RFEs that should be watched.
  • For 1.7.1:
    • Improve and agree on philosophy/guidelines in InstallTikiDev
    • Improve the webbased guided setup process according to the guidelines in InstallTikiDev
    • Digest ideas from mailinglists, fori, RFEs etc and improve setup.sh according to the guidelines in InstallTikiDev
    • Find people to join TikiTeamGettingStarted and help out!
    • Finish the infrastructure pages
    • Write InstallTikiDoc
    • Write UpgradeTikiDoc
    • Summarize Bug reports, Feature Requests, "Help"-Forum postings and funnel into FAQ, Howto, Masterbugreport, ...
    • Convert setup-virtual.sh to be a part of the web-based configuration
    • pages that refer to GettingStartedToDo (wherever there's a link to that page, there is something to be done...)