Planning & coordination page about Dogfooding the Organic Groups concept for, to support Teams and Local User Groups.

The system will eventually have hundreds of groups.




  • ASAP


Data channel

After manual setup has proven useful, setup data channnel which creates:

  • 1 Category
    • To regroup everything
  • 1 wiki page
    • Basic info (who, what, when, status of group, etc.)
    • Based on a predefined wiki page template (with tabs, plugins - such as convene, proposal, upcoming events of the group... -, modules, and such), to help quick starting new organic groups.
  • 1 Calendar (based on Calendars, and/or in TrackerCalendar )
  • 1 Forum with the User Rating enabled (showing users rating on each topic, if any)
  • 3 groups (lead, help, watch)
    • Put the creator in the leader's group
  • Category Watch related to: Stickiness Project
  • Group Watch as a starting point on new members? (or some sort of user watch for them, which allows them to unsubscribe later if they prefer other ways to get informed of changes in the group. In "Moodle" there is this third optional type of "watch": like group watch but allowing memebers to unsubscribe at will)
  • need a way to make it easy for people to reach out to one another. (how?)
    • using PluginTrackerList showing users, with the checkbox to send an intratiki message to them (with copy to their emails).
  • need to list of members, make it possible to join and invite ppl to a group

Keep in mind to make it easy to merge or split group later

Can this data channel be reused somehow to improve the "Workspace UI"?

User tracker

  • Users can add their info

Each user should make a UserPage and read the others of people in same group


These are feature ideas that can be useful for more advanced groups