Tikiwiki|bot has returned!!!

When ConnectingToIRC on channel #tikiwiki at irc.freenode.net you can talk with tikiwiki|bot, or at least one lesser aspect of its personality, named tikiwiki|bot. Tikiwiki|bot answers to some words preceded by an exclamation mark (!), e.g., !tikiwiki

Type the command directly on the channel, if Tikiwiki|bot is listening, it will understand your command and will answer publicly on the channel. You can also send it commands in a more private way (and less disturbing for the channel), by using a /msg irc command. In such cases, Tikiwiki|bot will reply by private message.

As tikiwiki|bot is still a n00b, tutors from the TikiLife tell it what to say, or how to act. Don't be surprised if tikiwiki|bot says hello and smiles, it is sort of learning to be interactive.

Its vocabulary is limited to the following possible commands :

!learn add something the definition of something
Teaches tikiwiki|bot the definition of word something.

!learn del something
Make tikiwiki|bot forget a definition.

Remote controlling

/msg tikiwiki|bot !say #tikiwiki blah blah
Make that tikiwiki|bot talks on channel #tikiwiki

!g search something
/msg tikiwiki|bot !g search something
Search from google.com and displays the first found results with URL (for "search something" in example)

Tikiwiki specifics

Will tell you a little about tikiwiki

Will tell you about tikiwiki.org

Will list the last 3 bugs or feature requests reported on the main bug tracker


Tikiwiki|bot is an eggdrop Currently Tikiwiki|bot is hosted by http://geekshells.org Currently the bot is living in the shell used by Caarrie.