A tradition in the Tiki community, a TikiFest is a meeting between Tiki community members (that usually only meet online). This is an opportunity to socialize, code and discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc.

If you are new/curious about Tiki, come and meet the contributors. There will be a free workshop "introduction to Tiki" and a TikiFest cocktail.

This event is organized by the newly created Florida Tiki Users Group. The following week, it's TikiFest New York 6


Friday September 24th through Sunday September 26th


Note: Anyone who wants to do demos/presentations of their Tiki projects or anything else is welcome to be part of the schedule. Just add it in. This is the perfect TikiFest for New Tiki users!


  • 10h -> 16h Workshops
  • 16h -> 19h TikiWiki Open House - Beer/Wine

late dinner for those interested TBD


  • 10h -> 12h Boot camp
  • 13h -> 16h Set up your Tiki
  • 19h -> late dinner/party


  • 10 -> 18h

I'm going to suggest legal in this time slot, say, during brunch, owing largely to the fact my flight doesn't get me back to Tampa until late Saturday night! cool -Brad


  • Introduction to Florida Tiki Users Group
  • Discussion of Tiki Topics for Power Users, i.e. Workspaces, Profiles
  • Tiki Boot camp (getting started with Tiki!)
  • Legal Team: status update (Marc, Brad, who else?)


  • Kimberly Fink (Kimberlee)
  • Chris Tingle (RavenC)
  • Brad Patrick
  • Ben Eason
  • Marc Laporte
  • ))MacLeod((
  • You?


The Networked Planet
810 N. Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 33608

We are moving to http://barcamptampabay.org/
1001 East Palm Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605

Look for people with tiki.org t-shirts :-)