About me

My real job has nothing to do with the internet or software development so don't ask biggrin.

I do run a couple of web sites including The English Chamber Choir, as well as my personal site paulbloomfield.com which is always in a mess due to testing something or another there.

I am djnz on SF but www djnz com is nothing to do with me, don't even go there.

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TikiWiki work

I am currently working in three main areas of TikiWiki:


ForumDev is the key reference - but don't forget CommentDev because forums are just a special case of comments. So as not to spam those pages I have created OneOfManyForums which I am using as a tracker for the features/bugs I am interested in.


My work in this area is spurred by two desires:

  • The reaction of new users (both installers and end users) to Tikiwiki Forums would be greatly improved if they looked 'out of the box' more like what has become the norm, as seen in phpBB, Invision, yaBB etc.
  • The need to create a theme for www.englishchamberchoir.com which does not look like a portal for visitors, and which is a lot more lightweight as most of the community that site serves as an extranet are on dial-up connections.

When I have something I am satisfied with I will commit it. It will use tables for layout, and may well be called 'niceforums'.


To do what I want with forums, and to help out on #tikiwiki and in the supprt forums here, I have had to wade through userslib, tikilib, tikidblib, totallydeprecatedbutstillherelib, tiki-startup etc. at a much greater depth than I wanted to (maybe I was joking about one of those).

Although I have now learned much of how Tikiwiki is put together, I will forget it and I wanted to have something easier to work with in the future. That something is an API.

I am tracking my work in this area in OneOfManyAPI.

My personal change log is at OneOfManyLog which also has some TODO list items outside the above areas of interest.