Daniel Gauthier also know as daniam (history here) is involved with TikiWiki CMS Groupware since February 2010.

I am super respectfull about saying "I don't know" when I don't. I am an agressive learner and passionate about communication. I've worked in the film industry years ago. This is why my heart belongs to this field. I specialises in the following areas:

  • Pre-production including script writing;
  • Production of video and photography; and
  • Post-production including editing, distribution

for both for the brick and mortar and virtual world.

The most active project I work on here at Tikiwiki CMS Groupware is the Video clip Endeavour where Open Source tools are being used and developped to communicate and promote Tikiwiki CMS Groupware as a good and solid infrastructure solution.

With TikiWiki CMS Groupware, you can find me at:

My personal page (kind of "official" and not a Wiki interface yet!) will tell you all about myself. I speak and communicate in French (mother tongue), English and Spanish.

My passion, what tikkles me is yoga. See my Yoga page in French or humbly and simply in an abreviated version in English. I teach yoga part time in Sport Clubs and practice daily since the age of 17.

I'm available for hire as a videographer, photographer, advisory person, script writer, projet manager, documentation specialist and social media developer. I've written RFP's, RFQ's and some SDLC projects in the past and got involved in user cases enough to give you analysis reports as I have a basic training in Information Technology. I can help you get started with TikiWiki on the user side of things, not the back-end.

I currently live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I can be reached at: daniel - at - tikiwiki - dot - org

Thanks to TikiWiki CMS Groupware: I am a legend in my own mind and a star on the WWW!