Here is some screenshots from 2 tikwiki module/plugin Im writing for my company.

The first plugin is a LDAP search. Users can search for empleyees and view their contact information. The plugin do also have support to view photoes in both the search result and at the profile page.

The 2nd plugin is a Organizartion chart plugin that allows administrator to generate a org chart of his company. The org chart can be set up to work with the LDAP search plugin. It lets the users click on a department and view all the emplayees on the selected department from the LDAP search.

Im beginning to get finnished with the liberies, but the templates doesnt look that good yet. Would be nice to get some feedback from the comunity.

I do also want to know where you think I should release this plugins/modules. Is this some features you would like to be integrated with the official tikiwiki release, should I release it on our own website, or at