Greg Martin

  • Tiki info
    • My Tiki "born-on date:" 08 Jan 2003 04:45:01 GMT
    • Member of the Packaging & Security teams.
      • Maintain the WebPI package for Microsoft's Web Application Gallery.
      • Also working with third party installers to keep their packages up-to-date.
    • Just starting with Security

  • Skillz
    • System Engineering
    • OS: Linux (Slackware!), Windows Server
    • Infrastructure: Apache, LDAP, Active Directory, etc
    • Other: storage, server virtualization
    • Programming/Scripting: not strong but capable PowerShell, batch, bash?, PHP?

  • Other info
    • Married for 25 years; two grown children
    • I run Tiki for home use as a technology hobbyist
    • Brew my own beer
    • Christ-follower
    • I run the IT operations for a 900 person company in PA.

@uslackr on twitter