I am a technical consultant for a technology broking and consulting company based in Melbourne, Australia. The key technology field is smart cards and transaction processing systems.

My Interest in Tiki is as follows
  • I wanted an easy to extend portal/cms solution for our company website, to replace post nuke.
  • I would like to see groupware and e-commerce features added to tiki.

My Current Involvement with Tiki

I am currently working on adding some CRM capabilities e.g. online contacts/ client tracking etc. too tiki, please refer to CustomerRelationshipManagementDev for additional information.

My Experiance

I have very little in the way of web development experience and non-with tiki, php or smarty until I started working on the CRM stuff. Although I do come from development background and have worked on C/C++/VB and Delphi desktop and embedded solutions.

So if I can pick this stuff it must be pretty easy, so just give it a go you will be surprised how easy it really is! And there is lots of really good example code and experiences developers within the tiki community so come and join the future of the web.