In almost all the text area boxes that you can edit within Tikiwiki, you can use WikiSyntax to improve the formatting (appearance) of your text and to create links to other Wiki and external Web pages. Consisting of special characters that you enter to mark formatted text, WikiSyntax is designed to be easy to use. It enables you to add formatting to your pages without having to learn or use HTML. For example, you can show bold text by typing two underscores before and after a word or phrase, as in the following example: __example text__. The result looks like this: example text. (In this context, the word syntax in WikiSyntax means "rules for how to type characters in the correct order.")

You don't have to memorize WikiSyntax. In Wiki pages, click Wiki Quick Help, one of the tabs attached to the editing area, to see a quick reference guide. Alternatively, click one of the QuickLinks (at the top of the Wiki editing area) to enter an example of the formatting syntax. The example appears at the bottom of the page you're editing.

You can use WikiSyntax in articles, blogs, comments, forums, HTML pages, and — of course — Wiki pages.