Tiki User Faqs

Some questions that pop up...



Question: In blogs I see "Send trackback pings to: (comma separated list of URIs)" What is a trackback ping and a URI?

Trackback is an inter-website notification system developed by MovableType.
See this page for more information:
A URI is something like "http://tikiwiki.org".

Question: With Jgraphpad, can you embed images and upload the file to Tiki?

Yes, Jgraphpad and Tiki support embedded images in a drawing! Very cool that! Go play!

  1. Create a drawing
  2. create a box or ellipse object
  3. right click > format> image > upload image

see screengrab

Question: In Wiki what does Minor mean at the bottom of the edit page?
Answer:  It means that the changes made will not send notifications to people monitoring that page.
Question: How do I include literal square brackets without creating an external link?
Answer:  Use ~np~[text with brackets]~/np~.
Question: I'm using Mozilla (or Firefox) and I'm having to scroll a lot to see the right hand side. How do I fix this, is there a workaround?
Answer:  The LeftColBug is notoriously difficult to pin down, in the meantime try refreshing your screen with F5.
Question: How can I put a URL link in the Shoutbox to get it to work?
Answer:  Simple enter the URL. If it doesn't work then the option is disabled and you can't do it.
Question: How do I upload more than one image to an image gallery?

Create a zip file with your pictures, and upload it instead of a picture.
This will only work if you have a permission for batch upload.

Question: How can I put SquashedCapitals in my text and NOT have it come up as a Wiki link?
Answer:  While ((text)) forces a link, you want ))TextThatWouldBeALinkWithoutParenthesis(( to inhibit the automatic linking.
Question: Is there any way to link to a Wiki page in a forum posting?
Answer:  You can use WikiWords, there are options to enable it. Or, you can use the (( )) syntax.
Question: What is WikiSyntax?

It's the way to write something that will get a formatting instead of plain text.
By example, if I write __bold text__ you will read bold text.
You should read more about it at WikiSyntax.