SysAdmin FAQ

Questions that Systems Adminsistrator may have about Tiki.



Question: I accidently removed right column in Tiki Admin --> features Now I do not have login window and con not login How do I recover from this situation?

You still can edit mysql database.
Edit table tiki_preferences and set features_right_column to "y". Then go to
template_c subdirectory and remove preferences.php file. (It will be regenerated)
Now youagain become an Administrator

Question: I've broken my general theme setting and can't change it back to something safe from inside Tiki, how can I fix that?
Answer:  Change the value of style in the tiki_preferences table .
Question: I'm using another CMS. Is there a conversion script for my CMS so that I can use TikiWiki?
Answer:  Currently, TikiWiki only has a conversion script for PhpWiki. However, if you would like to help us out, because we get a lot of requests for this!, please contact the devel list or come over to irc:freenode/tikiwiki.
Question: Lost login box
Answer:  Go to /tiki-login_scr.php