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Hi there,
I'm building a content template in order to make my wikipages in a certain section with the same layout. For each Wiki page (i.e. each subject) there is an topic (in the articles section) associated. My question is: is there any easy way to, at the top of each page present the title of the last 5 articles of a given topic. For example in a box something like this:
{BOX(title=>Latest News on subject aaaa,align=>right)}
{ARTICLES(id=>1, max=>5)}{ARTICLES}

Thanks very much for your help in advance.

Luis Pedro

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there is an additional paramter to the wiki plugin ARTICLES

Nerver try it, but it is in the code

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Thanks very much for your help. Just a small correction.
Actually it works but like this:

The only diference is that, instead of topic=>TopicId, it should be used topic=>TopicName

In any case, this will get the full article, and what I really need is to get only the title of the last 3 articles in a given topic... Any other hint?

see you

Luis Pedro