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Architecture / Installation

Confirmation email not sent when registering

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I'm trying out TikiWiki 1.8.4. I'm running into the problem that when someone tries to register, the confirmation email is not sent. Please help.

Also, I'm using the Firefox browser 0.9.3, the text field to enter this post to the forum, is very narrow, only six characters wide (just for your information).

Another problem that I'm running into, on my TikiWiki setup, as well as on this website, is that the TikiWiki website doesn't fit the screen causing me to have to scroll vertically to see everything.


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1) confirmation email
perhaps an idea : is your site English or do you send email with accent or sepcial character?
in 1.9 I fixed the header encoding properly (for language not ascii) because otherwise some mailers stopped the message

2) change the theme in you user preference, some work better (ex:olive)

3) scroll vertically? use less modules and small page. Do you mean scroll horizontally? in this case change style, verify if some specail chars in the page but sometiimes the middle part is too big (ex: table)

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I tried a different theme (olive as you suggested), but the confirmation email is still not sent when someone tries to register. I guess it has something to do with my provider, which offers free hosting with MySQL and PHP, and I'm using my account to test TikiWiki among others. Thanks for your help anyway.
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Alot of the free hosts dont allow use of sendmail on the webserver.

Check that you can use the php "mail" command/function. Also look at TikiFriendlyHosts for a better host.

If PHP memory_limit is set to 8Mb, you'll also get problems. If they wont increase the memory_limit value, again, find a better host.


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Thanks Damian, I guess that will cause the problem. I use the free host to evaluate several PHP / MySQL scripts by the way.