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Article Problems in 19rc2

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For what ever the reason my text in the heading is listing in a column only about 5% wide when being viewed.
When you click on the "read more" link, it displays normally.
Take a look here

Appreciate the help.

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No takers on this problem? It's got me stumped. I even changed themes, theme control etc.
Don't understand it.

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Thats with Gentoo, FireFox 0.9.3 I have no IE setup at the moment.


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Thanks Damian for looking at this,
So... If I understand what you might be saying is that it could be a bowser issue? If that be the case, then (oustside of switching browsers), what could the remedy be?
What I see is through IE6.
I do have Opera too but never have given it a thought to see what it looks like through that.
But you know as well as I do the majority of the world uses MS IE whether it be good or bad.

I'd appreciate any more advice.


posts: 2881 United Kingdom

That style your using is my TikiGod style. Thats I only ever developed on mozilla and firefox. Like a lot of Tiki Developers. we have no need for Windows.

Its about time the world changed or at least they downloaded Mozilla or FireFox for windows.

Promoting an IE free internet zone

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You will not change the world Damian . Where is the money?

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