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Features / Usability

General use calendar....

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I have tiki site that I would like to have a gernal use calendar. This would be to list upcoming events and what not. I want for anonymous users to be able to view the calenar, and certain groups to be able to add content to the calendar. What is the best way to go about setting something up?


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Goto Admin->Features, and click Calendar and jsCalendar.

and bingo, you have a nice user friendly calendar.


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Hi Damian -

Once I turn it on, how do I impliment it where it's viewable by users. I.e. how to I link to it or put it on a page? I turned it on the other day, but couldn't figure out how to display it.


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Hi, I too am having problems with the calendar.

I've got it set up, but whenever a user tries to access it they get an error about permissions. I've tried giving anonymous/registered view permissions, but that still seems to not work.

Any ideas?


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Ok, when I access:

I get the error that permission is denied. However I've applied 'tiki_p_view_calendar' to all users groups I have.

What's going on? When I view it as the administrator, I can see the calendar just fine.

Someone please help!