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Features / Usability

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posts: 92 Germany

i enabled email verification (feature_challenge) in admin,
so now i can't login anymore.

where is the setting for that in the mysql tables ?

answer: set feature_challenge to n

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posts: 1092

I would like to know better your problem. perhaps an hidden bug
So you check "Validate email address (may not work):" in admin / login and you were stuck with this with a valid email?

posts: 92 Germany

with 'Use challenge/response authentication' activateted i can't login anymore.

posts: 92 Germany

my loginbox has only 2 fields and not 3 for challenge/response.
in mod-login_box.tpl i can see the challenge js function and the email field.

but i am to new to tikiwiki to fix that ...

btw. i use v1.9 rc2

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