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I'm currently customizing a tiki and found out many things, but there are still thing's I couldn't find in the templates and stylesheets:

1. how can I move the page title in the wiki under the edit toolbar so that the edit toolbar is the topmost element on a page and the wiki title and content comes below?

2. How to chage the bullet type and size in lists?

3. is there a way to specify a maximum line lenght, so that after a certain ammount of charakters a line br <br> is inserted?

thanks! :-)

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Nothing directly from tiki configuration but you can

1: modify the templates tpl/tiki-show_page.tpl. Be carefull to modify the one in your style if your style templates/styles/xxx/tiki-show_page.tpl

2: program li in the css of your style

3: I don't know