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Re : Whatches and Mail sender

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in 1.8, the mails are sent via the php function mail but the header encoding is not done. So if you message subject contains accent, special character, there will be sent in utf8 but there will be no indication in the header that it is utf8

in 1.9, the mails (a lot of them, some are still missing) are sent via the library htmlMimeMail.php that uses the php function mail. But this library encodes properly the header. + in 1.9 you can give the default encoding the mail are sent in admin general (utf8/iso8859-1) and/or each user can give this info in his preferences

some more info in TikiMailNotes


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Hi Sylvie,

I have been ripping my hair out trying to figure out why my newsletter announcement email is not being properly received; perhaps this test makes sense to you:

the following is simple newsletter being sent from my 1.9.0 site; the resulting source html of the email rcv'ed at 2 different MTA's is shown here:


The first works, the 2nd doesn't.

Also a 3rd MTA shows an email that is completely blank (not sure what actual html code is).

I can see the it is the _quotedPrintableEncode that is replacing the "=" with "=3D" as well as breaking the lines up to smalelr parts and adding the "=" as a line continuation character. It would seem though that MTA #2 does not handle this correctly (whereas MTA #1 does) .

Is there any setting or code changes that could make this more universal??

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Perhaps some tuning in the lib htmlMimeMail.php. It is the one that does the encoding and the wrappring. Try with another encoding. Seems MT22 doesn't like the quoted-printable.

As htmlMimeMail is an external LGPL library .. perhaps it is time to find a new one

But really check MTA2 .. seems to be very out of date