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Features / Usability

Automatically highlighting last changes on a Wiki page?

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Is there an easy way (or would this be a feature request) to highlight what has been changed on a page (just the last change, diff with version n-1) ?

I would suggest something like an inline diff, using highlighting (green: added; red: deleted)...

As a user preference, a user could turn this on/off. The goal would be to keep existing easy navigation, including the "history" tab, but adding "immediately visible recent history" value.

Any comment welcome

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That would be nice for Educational use (checking what the students did to the final version, in an easy way, ...). Lovely If somebody codes it! :-)

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Teedog and I wrote a better history page but it is in 1.10 - and at the speed the releases are going .... A patch can easily be done in 1.8s

The comparaison is side by side / unified, expanded/minimal

An example on

The same technique has been used for wiki page email notification

The point that has not been developped yet is to have the "inegrated buttom " in the wiki page directly - you have to clik one more time

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Once I have the base Tiki up and running I'm hoping to use it in a quality enviroment. Set up the way Francois suggests would really help to see the value of recent changes. Paul

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One think can be dangerous to enlight in the view version. It is the interference between the page foramtting and the highlighting . If the text uses red part? if the change is a picture or a formatting?

Even in 1.10, it is only done on the source