creative commons integration

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I am pretty new to tikiWiki. It is a massive software so I am still a little disorriented.

I would like to change the galleries and the file galleries (maybe even blogs ...) so that people can create a creative commons (http://creativecommons.org) lincense at the same time they are uploading. Creative commons is a *new* copyright with which you have more controll over what people can do with your work.

They give you a detailed plan in how to intergrate it:

I am just posting this since I would like to write it so other people can use it too, and I would like to get some advice on how to do it. Or maybe somebody has already done something like it.



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http://doc.tikiwiki.org has already the creative commons
I think that for further information, come on irc and ask mose

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doc.tw.o just displays the logo in the bot_bar template has the license text on a wiki page, and I think the wiki Copyright feature is also enabled there.