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In my company's intranet, we have started using tikiwiki 1.8.3. However, we want to add/enable some sort of default permission settings.

  • The default settings are that all users can view all pages.
  • Some pages are created as landing pages with special permissions, which users of certain group can only view/edit.
  • Now when these users create a link from this landing page, we want the new page to inherit the permissions of the landing page.

Is it possible? If it is currently not available, would some one know which php files could be edited when a new page is created, so that it can copy the permissions of the landing page and over-write the default permissions with these permissions?


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No, its not currently possible, I do Tiki consultancy if your interested.


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This feature would be lovely (It would have made my work with Tiki better for the last year in two organizations where I use it). I'll include it as a requested feature in the sourceforge.net tw tracker. Xavi

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Thanks Damian. I will get in touch with you, if we decide to contract this out.

Also on the IRC, chealer helped me with some information that I could use $userslib->copy_object_permissions() to copy over all the permissions and HTTP_REFERER to identify the source for permissions.

If this feature gets into 1.9, it would be fantastic. It would augment the category based permission inheritance, and eliminate the need for the user to even select the category to enforce the permissions.


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