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Connecting TikiWiki to a different database

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Hi all,

I want to connect to a different DB with my tiki.
I've run tiki-install.php?reset=yes and thought that this would give me the page on tiki-install that would allow me to point it at a new db by putting in the appropriate db, user, pass, localhost details.

Alas no. Have I done something wrong, or is there a file somewhere I can edit. Sorry, but I've tried to RTFM and can't find reference to a file anywhere except for http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page_ref_id=10 which refers to the install script of tiki-install.php.

Anyy help appreciated.



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How about just editing the db/local.php file to give it the new db connections directly? Or delete/move it away so to trick tiki-install.php into thinking its a new install.


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Cheers TikiGod,

Had to edit the local.php file worked.
Deleting it didn't seem to kid tiki-install.php

Thanks trucks as usual!!!