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Re : Webmail

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Usually the pop (reception) is with port 110, and smtp (outgoing) with 25

If you have outlook or another mail reader, test your pop / smtp account in there. If they don't ask for the port, they will use the tiki defaults

Looking at the message, it seems you pop servor name is wrong . Did you give one?

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Ok I put the same server for POP as for smtp and the port (143) I found in NS News and Mail server settings. So now I get:

Error: 111 Connection refused
Error: 2 POP3 server greeting was not found

Is this any help isolating what's wrong question

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Before going any further.

Webmail is a nightmare of a feature, and really it isnt worth spending the time trying to get it working, when you'll find its a total bag of peanuts, especially in 1.7. 1.8 has some fixes, but still its a bag of peanuts.

Im hoping at the end of Tikifest to have a version of SquirrelMail in Mods for IMAP people and something else for the POP people.