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Space in username

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Hello, i just installed Tiki 1.8.4 and I was very happy with it, until I helped my friend to register and discovered that when using the "register" link provided with the login module, it's impossible to enter a username such as "John Smith", because it contains a space (I get the "White space not allowed in usernames" error message).
However, for our site it is crucial for users to be able to have their full names listed as usernames. Is there some solution to this? (besides creating the users with the admin privileges using the back-end - that script doesn't mind the space and creates such users with no problems.)
Thanks a lot. I hope I'll be able to overcome this difficulty and be happy about Tiki again! :-)

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I use a space in my user name "Billy Jack"
I am using 1.8.4 upgraded from 1.7.8.

posts: 4 Czech Republic

But did you register using the front-end "Register" link, or did you register when logged in as Admin and then creating an account in the back-end? Because the back-end doesn't have a problem with spaces, the front-end does (at least for me).

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We solved that with 1.8.4 using Name.Surname , avoiding the space but including name and surnames of our students in class. However, this solution is bad for linking easily to userpage: UserPageName.Surname gives some problems...

On the contrary, if you tell them to register as Name_Surname, no troubles at all anywere... :-)

Cheers, Xavi

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I'd try to avoid spaces in any case, front or backend.
Use the underscore suggestion.

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