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custom-home display error

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Hi there people,

First of all, have a brilliant time at TikiFest. I would would loved to come along - as I need to get a tutorial on upgrading - but it turned out not to be practical in the end.

The problem I've got this week is related to the custom home page which has this frustrating habit of stretching all the way to the right side of the screen, knocking out the right hand column. Maybe it's to do with my adaption of the TPL file or maybe it's the fact that I'm using firefox (I haven't seemed to be able to reproduce the problem on IE) or maybe it's the fact that I'm using 1..7.5...

Still, I can't seem to get round it and confusingly it's only happening on the online version and not locally!

I wonder if anyone's encountered anything like this? Any ideas?

Thanks all


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I am not sure if you have the "left column bug" (look on this site for more info) but the last version of firefox seems to have solve this bug